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Harmony For Calm Performance


Proven Results!

Australia’s most popular calming supplement from the most trusted name in horse supplements. Harmony has been helping stressed or over-reactive horses to become calm and focused for over 10 years in Australia.

Experience the Difference!

Chelated magnesium is highly effective in helping horses to become calm and relaxed. Chelated magnesium proteinate is different from other forms of magnesium. Chelated magnesium is highly absorbed and utilised in nerve and muscle cells at low dose rates.

Multiple Benefits!

Combining organic chelated magnesium with natural vitamin E and vitamin B1 improves the calming effect, plus Harmony features a base of stomach calming ingredients for horses that experience a nervy tummy during travelling and competition.

See a Quick Result!

Harmony works quickly with results seen within 3-7 days! One week of loading doses (double the normal dose rate) helps to load the muscle and nerve cells with the long acting chelated magnesium. After the first week, Harmony is only 51p per daily dose!

“Thank you so much. Having such fun on my mare now. She was a very spooky and nervous horse. Hormonal, spooky and nervous on these busy roads were a daily challenge. Now I have a new horse who herself is calm and relaxed. I have tried SO MANY herbs, potions, lotions and other supplements but nothing worked. Harmony has definately changed my horse. Riding now is so enjoyable and fun. Instead of nodding at passing vehicles with 2 hands on the reins, on the hedge, over the other side of road, I can now ride and wave 2 hands at traffic thanking them, and ride holding the rein with one finger at buckle. AMAZING PRODUCT. My mare is so relaxed and happy bless her. Thank you so much. You are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!”

Yvonne M

Somerset, UK

Yvonne Riding

Image Above: Yvonne riding her mare Holly through her local town in the wind and rain

Is this your horse?

Horses with low magnesium uptake can develop nervous conditions including irritable, ‘nappy’ and excitable behaviour. Symptoms include anxiety and unsettled behaviour during handling, training, travelling or competition.

Harmony™ is the ideal supplement for working, travelling and competing horses to provide specific nutrients that reduce nervous, anxious or over-reactive behaviour.

Harmony™ promotes a calm, focused temperament, without dopeyness or drowsiness. Harmony™ has a unique and highly effective combination of calming nutrients that are quickly absorbed to promote calm performance.

Harmony is suitable for all Horses, including:

All Nervous Horses

Harmony has high quality natural ingredients to promote calm, relaxed behaviour in all horses.  Harmony is not sedating and does not cause drowsiness.

Young Horses in Training

Help your young horse have a great start to their career during breaking in, early training and first competitions with Harmony.

All Competition Horses

Keep your horse calm and focused during competition.  Harmony does not swab or contravene rules of the FEI or Rules of Racing.

Horses when Travelling

Many horses become nervous or anxious when travelling.  Harmony is very useful as a supplement to encourage settled and relaxed behaviour while travelling.

How does it work?

Harmony™ in Australia is known as Mag-E®

Harmony™ contains known calming nutrients with synergistic actions:

  • High levels of organic magnesium – a magnesium-amino acid chelate that reaches the absorption sites as an protein-shielded complex for optimum uptake and utilisation.
  • Natural RRR source of vitamin E – highest potency vitamin E helps ensure that dietary levels of vitamin E are optimum for normal muscle and nerve function.
  • Vitamin B1 (thiamine) – to help make up shortfalls in the diet of working horses fed on grain based, low roughage diets.
  • Debittered yeast as a natural food compound to help maintain normal gastro-intestinal function in working, travelling or competitive horses.
  • Harmony™ does not contain any substances which are prohibited by FEI or the Rules of Racing.

The normal dose is 15g for a 500kg horse (1 scoop).

Give a loading dose of 1 scoop in each of the morning and evening feeds during the first week so that the organic magnesium, Vitamin E and Vitamin B1 can build in the horse’s system.

Make an “all day” calming paste for travelling or competition. Mix a double dose of Harmony as a paste with vegetable oil and give with an oral dosing syringe one hour before loading onto the horse box.

“I have a thoroughbred cross that is ordinarily very highly strung. I would struggle to ride him at shows as he would get so anxious and his spooking made me lose my confidence. ‘Harmony’ has completely changed him! He is now a lot more relaxed at home and at shows and can assess situations better.

In fact, we are now out competing at Novice level dressage. I would recommend ‘Harmony’ very highly and it has really changed mine and Teddy’s relationship!”

Chelsey B

Lincs, UK

Image: Chelsey and her horse Teddy riding through a local village.

Harmony™ is available in 3 pack sizes

425g Pack

28 x 15g doses

Lasts 28 Days*

1kg Pack

66 x 15g doses

Lasts over 2 months*

2.5kg Pack

166 x 15g doses

Lasts 5-6 months*

*Averaged from standard daily dose of 15g for a 500kg horse, loading doses are not calculated.

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